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Rome is a unique prism opening up perspectives all dimensions of Western culture. It is a rich resource for history, theology, literature, spirituality, philosophy, the arts, and many other disciplines. To study Rome is to study ourselves and come to a richer understanding of the human engagement in life.

Studying Rome and Italy

Rome and Italy provide an excellent context for an indepth study of theology, history, philosophy, and many other disciplines. The monuments, architectue, and the arts make the past come alive and can transform our undestanding of the present. We offer two possibilites: single sessions with trained professors to explore the significance of one or more sites and fully developed courses

Scholarly Visits
Spend an hour or two, a morning or afternoon, or a whole day exploring the deepering meaning of various places in Rome and throughout Italy. More information...

On-site courses

Our courses explore Rome from various different perspectives. They are offered by experts in their field and combine textual study with an in depth analysis of the city. Site-based study is a central component to all courses. The length of courses vary, from one day to one semester, to an entire four-year curriculum.

Rome assistance

Our team of Rome experts can help you with detail about Rome of many types: specifics about Rome for a work of fiction or non-fiction, assistance checking facts related to Roman monuments, assistance with Roman libraries and archives. We can also provide geneological assistance for tracking down family records.

Scholarly Translations

Our team of native English speakers can ensure that your book, thesis, or article on Rome can be rendered into smooth, readable, professional English from Italian, French, Spanish, German, or Dutch.